Liquidateit Limited
NZBN 9429030518001

Liquidateit Limited specialises in collecting debts off Corporate entities.

The Client is the creditor who has engaged Liquidateit Limited to recover money owed by a debtor company .

The Client when agreeing to and providing information to Liquidateit Limited, their agents and advisors related to the provision of debt recovery services hereby agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. In this Agreement, Liquidateit Limited shall be known as Liquidateit and the party completing any Online Forms or providing debt related information and documents personally or electronically, shall be known as the Client.
2. By the act of forwarding one or more online forms or email requests to Liquidateit, the Client acknowledges they have read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
3. The Client acknowledges that by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions the Client has provided information that is true and factual at the time of submission.
4. The Client acknowledges that Liquidateit has the right to pass relevant information to third party companies that have a legal claim to the information.
5. The Client acknowledges that Liquidateit is not obliged to acknowledge receipt of any forms submitted. As such it is the Client’s responsibility to request acknowledgement through legal means.
6. The Client agrees that Liquidateit can use any and all information provided in any submitted forms in the process of recovery.
7. The Client acknowledges that if the information provided is found to not be true and factual at the time of submission it will be entitled to recover from the client its wasted costs.
8. Liquidateit agrees to attempt to collect undisputed debts owed to the client.
9. The Client appoints Liquidateit as its agent to do all things it deems necessary to collect any debt owed to the client by a company.
10. The Client represents that the debt is undisputed and suitable for the use of a statutory demand.
11 The Client appoints Liquidateit as its agent for the purpose and effect of enforcing the debt or to apply to appoint a liquidator to the debtor.
12. Should the debt be disputed the Client will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw the debt or use our services to obtain judgment for the debt at additional cost.
13. Liquidateit services will be paid as a success fee as follows: (i) Should the debt (or part thereof) be paid by the debtor a fee of 11.5% (incl GST) of the amount recovered will be payable by the Client. (ii) Should the debt be paid after issue of a statutory demand a fee of 16.5% (incl GST) of the amount recovered shall be payable by the Client. (iii) Should the debt be paid after court proceedings are filed but before the case is determined the Client will pay the amount calculated pursuant to the High Court Rules Schedule 2 for scale costs incurred until the point. If costs as per (iii) are recovered from the debtor, the client will not pay these costs. Should the debt be paid after the appointment of a liquidator, the collection costs payable by the Client to Liquidateit will be the amount ordered by the Court. The purpose of this clause is to ensure that if the debtor settles the debt with the Client after instructing Liquidateit, the client must recognise Liquidateit’s fees are payable from any sum received.
14. The Client will advise Liquidateit immediately that a debtor has paid a debt it is collecting. Failure to do so will result in a claim for wasted costs calculated on the same basis as paragraph 13 herein.
15. The Client will not agree to settle the debt without the prior agreement, in writing, of Liquidateit. The purpose of this clause is to ensure maximum recovery and provides opportunity for the client to add collection costs of Liquidateit (if the clients terms of trade allow addition of collection costs.)
16. Liquidateit will not be liable for any negligence or any other claim in contract, tort or statute to the fullest extent allowed by law.