Liquidateit Limited – Your end-to-end corporate debt recovery agent

Are unpaid invoices hurting your cash flow, limiting your ability to invest and grow your business? Are you worried that you will never see money owed to your business? We can help!

Liquidateit take no non-sense approach. We are discreet, polite and will respectfully work with you to collect money owed to you.

Our Service

We are specialist corporate debt collectors. We only collect debts owed by company’s or corporations, not individuals.

We provide a full debt collection service throughout New Zealand.

We have a no non-sense approach. We know the tactics that debtors can use to stall payment and so we get to the heart of the matter in a courteous yet firm manner.

Legal Action

Undisputed Debts

We take legal action on your behalf if they don’t pay on the first demand. Liquidateit bears the legal  cost for you until a recovery is made. If payment is made at the first demand our fees are either 10% of the amount recovered or if you have terms of trade our fees are added to the amount recovered.

For corporate debt recovery undisputed debts are required. If there is a genuine dispute the process becomes more involved and costs could be incurred. However that wont happen until you agree.

Disputed Debts

We explore and find a solution with you. Cost of collection is often in terms of trade. If for some reason collection cost is not included in your terms of trade, then the cost is 10% of the money recovered.

Our point of Difference

We don’t send letters that make various threats and use legal phrases to confuse the creditor into thinking a legal proceeding is being filed.

We commence legal action if they don’t pay after the first letter.

We bear the legal costs for you if the debt is undisputed until payment is received.

We work with you to explore and find solutions for your disputed debts.

Let us get your money back…

We here to work with you get your money back, and help you invest and grow your business.

We collect debts anywhere in New Zealand and will file applications in the closest court to the debtor.

If your business is owed money by a company, email us at or phone 0210577198, to discuss your debt recovery options. – or get started with our online solution by clicking on the link below and filling in the form and we will do the rest.

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